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H-925 HVLP Automotive painting spray gun

Product Highlights

Low-pressure environmental protection spray gun, high paint transfer efficiency and low paint consumption,economical and environment-friendly

Medium paint volume, medium paint film, suitable for technicians with general spraying habits;

304 stainless steel nozzle and needle, exquisite processing technology , wear-resistant, the atomization performance remains unchanged under long time use;

The gun body is processed by Large CNC machining center at one time to ensure that the concentricity of the internal channels is on the same level, ensuring that each product achieves the best atomization performance.

The gun body material is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, melted in a large smelting furnace, and die-cast by a 280-ton large die-casting machine, which minimizes the gun body pores and ensures that the spray gun is durable without paint jumping.

Before each spray gun be delivered,each spray gun's atomization performance has passed two strict manual inspections to ensure the excellent quality.

Application scope: high surface spraying requirements such as automobiles, motorcycles, musical instruments, handicrafts, etc.


Special spray guns for Chinese automobile car repair, spray guns for surface painting of Chinese musical instruments, spray guns for surface painting of Chinese handicrafts.

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